We launched our Alpha Demo about two months ago as part of the Steam Next Fest, and we’ve been busy watching streamers and gathering feedback. We decided to leave the Alpha Demo up on Steam, for now, however, we will not be pushing updates to that particular build.

As a small indie dev team, we have to focus our attention on the further development of the game, and maintaining two parallel development branches would be very time-intensive. But don’t fret, before we locked down the demo, we pushed a number of updates, so it’s a fairly solid build.

We are planning on having a Beta Demo available in the Fall, so stay tuned! The Beta Demo will essentially be a vastly updated version with more bells and whistles than the Alpha.

PLEASE NOTE: The updates and bug fixes below are not reflected in the Alpha Demo, but rather in our experimental/nightly branch. If you would like access to our experimental build to test these changes, feel free to hop on our discord and ping us. We’ve already given a number of streamers access to this branch for further testing, and ofc so they can test their skills on the newly balanced puzzles, to compete for bragging rights ;)

Below we’ve listed, in no particular order some of the new features that are currently in the experimental build


We’ve completely revamped the game settings! Now you can choose the exact resolution you’d like to play the game in, as well as whether you’d like to play in windowed mode, because…I guess that’s a thing?


In the previous build, rolling double 1’s would give you an automatic case fail, but we’ve taken it a step further ;) Now, not only do you lose, but you have to choose a negative card. Talk about adding insult to injury, amirite?


This is a feature that many players requested, and it gives you an increased chance of being able to hire the agent that you want. A good example of utilizing this feature to min/max, would be if you have an agent that you really like, but their shift ends, and they clock off; but you’d really like to hire them again. Without paying for a refresh, you may end up waiting for 3 hours only to find that they’re STILL not available. Having the “pay to refresh” functionality isn’t a sure-fire way of ensuring that the agent you want is going to become available, but the odds are dramatically increased.


– Added new hireable agents to pool
– Added more events, for a total of 30
– Operation 1 (Leads 1 – 4)
– Fugitive case officer + cases
– Stat roll Mechanics:
– draggable dice to slots
– Standard: get X number of successful dice
– Run: get a “run” of dice results. [NEW MECHANIC – for fugitive stat rolls]
– x3 rolls, critical success/fail triggered on a per roll basis (instead of on the resolution screen)
– Fingerprints minigame
– Critical failure card selection


– Menu layout update
– Agents in Roster Expand/Collapse buttons
– Case monetary reward randomized on spawn (instead of on game load)
– Shop Slot as unlockable feature
– Gear Cost as unlockable feature
– Car Speed as unlockable feature
– Unlock Requirements for Events (COs need to be unlocked for specific events)


– Water material adjusted
– Wave decoder knob highlighting
– Removed glare from Morse & Phreaking machines


– Operations are currently in the progress of being integrated and are not complete
– Fugitive Recovery dice roll mechanic is experimental
– New Security Case dice roll mechanic is experimental


For our next milestone- September/October we’re planning to add the following features/mechanics:
– Agent Leveling System
– Agent Traits
– Additional unlockable Agent gear slots
– Greyline Cases
– Moonlighting Cases
– Revamping and honing Security dice roll mechanics


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If you’ve found a bug, feel free to use this form to log them. It would be a great help to us!