We soft-launched our Alpha Demo at the beginning of June and we’ve had plenty of time to gather input. Before the Steam Next Festival started we collaborated with G.round and were able to get some very valuable insight from testers, which we quickly implemented in preparation for the public Alpha Demo release.

One of the biggest gripes that players had was a lack of proper onboarding, which we quickly added right before the Steam Next Fest.

In regards to players, we peaked at almost 500 daily active users, and we peaked with 100 concurrent players. When it comes to wishlists, we had a

 +1817% increase compared to prior to the event!


We were lucky enough to get showcased on a Twitch live stream from the German channel Nerdstar, which garnered 193k views during the Steam Next Fest! They were kind enough to put together a little trailer snippet for the German-speaking audience to give them an overview of the project. They also played the Alpha Demo for about half an hour. Our participation, and having the game showcased on the show was made possible by Medien Netzwerk NRW as part of the Indie Zone program. Watch the whole clip here.


The Indie Game Fest is an annual indie games event in Cologne, Germany. Indie studios from Germany and abroad showcase their indie games, which can be played by visitors. Developers can get valuable feedback and network with publishers, gamers, or fellow developers. Gamma Minus was lucky enough to be able present Rough Justice: ’84 at the event!


Also as part of the Indie Game Fest, Let’s Play for Charity showcased Rough Justice: ’84 and even interviewed Gamma Minus’ very own, Diana Boden! The recognized non-profit association Letsplay4Charity was launched in 2017 by Ingo Horn and Dennis Henson as a private initiative and initially existed as a private channel on YouTube and Twitch until 2021, where fellow streamers and industry friends showed themselves in their hobby.
Click here to watch the full interview and game presentation (in German)


WOW- we’ve had the privilege to have so many creative and talented content creators stream our Alpha Demo over the past few weeks! We vastly underestimated the amount of content in the build, and we were under the assumption that most people would be able to bang it out in 30-60 minutes, however, most streamers took at least 2 hours, and quite a few ended up streaming it for over 5 hours straight!
Check out some of the recent Twitch streams here.